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The Champion's Comeback (Kõvakaaneline)

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Jim Afremow

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Your ultimate guide to overcoming losses and injuries and achieving greatness'e"on and off the field. Leading sports psychologist Jim Afremow, author of The Champion'e(tm)s Mind , knows what makes good athletes great, especially when they come back to win after facing devastating injuries, tough obstacles, or seemingly insurmountable odds. Making a comeback isn'e(tm)t just about raw talent or athletic ability'e"it'e(tm)s the mental game that counts most. In The Champion'e(tm)s Comeback , he offers winning strategies for athletes of any age or skill level to get mentally psyched for competition, quickly rebound after a loss, and overcome injuries (and the fear of re-injury). Afremow explores the psychology of commitment and shows you how to develop the core confidence of repeat champions. Featuring unique tips and advice, including guided imagery scripts, easy-to-follow mental training exercises, and motivating stories of famous 'eoecomeback'e athletes, The Champion'e(tm)s Comeback is the ultimate athlete'e(tm)s handbook, encouraging you to not only stay in the game but also achieve greatness, no matter what.