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Swazi Let the Truth Be Told: Taking a Look at the Past (Pehmekaaneline)

Varudest ainult

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Anthony Atkinson

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I truly believe in miracles. I am a true testament of a collection of miracles. For those of you who are not a believer of God, I hope my story will bring you closer to believing the possibility of a divine creator. The belief that I had about God as a child carried me through life in what I would describe as a protective bubble. The negative, the unpleasant, the horrific seem to have no profound affect on me .It would not last long in my present. A goodness will come to my aid. I am forever grateful for this miracle. In my story you will recognize these miracles first hand. These miracles are helping me live a fulfilled life in which I help others along my journey. In the story you will see that I try to be a fair minded person but sometime the negativity of nature overwhelmed me and I had to strike .I try to be as merciful as possible. In the book you will see how the miracles in life shaped and guide me thru out my life today. I am no saint but I will do what is right most of the time. Hope you enjoy the book.