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Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals: Packed Full of Your Most-Loved Animal Friends (Pehmekaaneline)

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Calling all animal lovers Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals puts the spotlight on the world's most fur -nomenal creatures, peculiar pets, wacky wildlife, and cute critters. In this action-packed annual, you'll meet surfing pigs, talking gorillas, and even the world's largest elephant orchestra Ever see a dog who thinks he's Picasso or a bunny who plays basketball? You will now From the tallest and smallest animals to the most popular social pet- working stars, they're all here. If it's activities you want, you're in for a treat Create your very own record-breaking animal with our online game, or try making an origami zoo Test your wildlife knowledge with fun quizzes and puzzles, plus find out if your pet is a secret Einstein with our exclusive IQ tests. For a superlative showcase of the world's greatest creatures - and a few LOLs along the way - get your paws on Amazing Animals now