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Collaborative Teaming (Pehmekaaneline)

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Rachel Janney

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Collaborative teaming is the glue that holds an inclusive school together. But most educators don't get explicit training on teamwork skills?and that's why you need the new third edition of this popular how-to book. Packed with practical tips, tools, and vignettes, Collaborative Teaming shows your staff how to work together effectively to support students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Perfect for independent study, inservice training, or preservice study, this reader-friendly guide will get teachers on board with collaborative teaming and give them fresh ways to improve the academic progress and behavior of all students. LEARN HOW TO:Master multiple types of teaming, from co-teaching to collaborative consultationClearly define a team's purpose and focusEstablish trust and consistent communication among team membersSchedule and facilitate productive team meetings Make sound decisions by consensusSolve problems and create action plans as a teamUse teamwork to increase the participation and learning of all studentsEnsure positive interactions with families PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Activities that help teachers reflect on and apply the strategies; vignettes that show strategies in action; reproducible forms and checklists for conducting meetings, co-teaching effectively, and more. (For easy printing, full-size forms will now be available for download when you purchase the book.) WHAT'S NEW:How teaming relates to schoolwide initiatives like PBIS and RTIExpanded chapter on co-teachingNew chapter on collaborative consultationMore strategies for effective communication and conflict resolutionInsights on using today's technology to collaborateNew vignettes featuring diverse students with a wide range of disabilitiesHelpful ""focusing questions"" in each chapter?perfect for use in courses and book clubs"