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Carnivore Diet Cookbook: Unleash the Meat Power with Easy High Protein Keto Recipes for Beginners. Get Fit and Improve Your Health Reducing Inflammation and Burning Fat Naturally (Pehmekaaneline)

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Would you like to improve your health and develop a strong immune system by approaching a lifestyle that helps you to lose weight and build muscle? If you want to find out how to regain a splendid physical shape discovering the power of "eating meat", then keep reading. Since childhood probably you've been taught that it's essential to follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and vitamins. But what has always been hidden is that the intake of animal proteins can drastically improve your health by helping your body enters the famous state of ketosis, a metabolic process of using stored fat for fuel. Ketosis has been linked to many benefits including reducing the symptoms of mental health problems such as ADHD, weight loss and gaining strength. Plants, contrary to what you've been told, contain natural toxins designed to discourage predation. Furthermore, in our industrial society, we process plant-based foods, thus concentrating these poisons in flour, vegetable oils and sugars, which are mainly responsible for overweight, obesity, joint pain and stress. As explained in this concise Carnivore Diet Cookbook, animal proteins are perfectly usable by our body to satisfy various metabolic processes and providing a complete nutrition that no supplements are necessary if you want to lose weight and maintain perfect shape. In this book you'll learn: Why fat is our preferred energy source; How the Carnivore Diet can help your mental health and waistline; Why the fears of nutrient deficiencies on a carnivore diet are unfounded; The main reason why heart disease and cancer have no relationship to red meat consumption; The ultimate weapon for binge eating disorder, alcoholism and smoking by eating meat; The easiest recipes for both men and women to enjoy a variety of delicious meats, eggs, and seafood while improving every aspect of your health and fitness! If you are tired of trying yoyo-effect diets and food styles which do not work, make you regain weight and do not offer real physical and mental well-being, it's time to approach the Carnivore Diet. The best part is, the ingredients are simple and easy to find. If a carnivore diet is not for you, that's ok. You'll still enjoy these delicious meals and your family is going to vote more than one of these as their favorite! Would you like to learn more? Just scroll up the page, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and get your copy now!